Dialysis at 7Med India

Abhishek reddy
1 min readMay 20, 2021


7med is one of the pioneer dialysis centers in India, which covers the northern regions of India.

Currently, the company has around 18 centers.

The company’s major USP is patients’ mobility; as you know, dialysis patients need to take two-three dialyzes in a week, so it creates a problem for the patient to travel.

To solve this problem company came with a better solution. If a patient from Delhi centers wants to travel to UP, then the patient details will be transferred to the nearest branch without any extra cost if there is any center present over there.

Another factor of 7med is that they treat patients as their family members and provide a home-friendly environment.

Every year on World kidney day, 7Med organizes certain events for patients to create an enjoyable environment like a painting competition.

Company Mantra provides quality renal care solutions to renal failure patients and becomes a driving force in the healthcare delivery value chain.