My Experience at 7Med

I want to share my personal experience working at 7med. I joined the 7med organisation on 16 Feb 2021 as a Marketing and IT intern.

During the Feb 3rd week, two sessions were conducted about the company and kidney, kidney diseases and kidney treatment.

In the last week of FEB, we were given some task to study SEO

From yoast website. After that, we have to do competitor analysis for the company’s Nephroplus, Apex kidney, DaVita,7med and make an excel report based on certain parameters like organic traffic, website ranking, website speed and so on.

We have used various tools like Moz, SEMrush, Google analytics, and google speed insight for competitor analysis.

Next month, we got to know about google my business which is used to create a business presence online and connect customers with the company.

We were given the task to add the existing 7med and new centres to google my business account.

After that, we have to create new posters and optimise the website of 7med. Tools we used for creating posters and content optimisation are:-

  1. Content optimisation- Yoast plugin
  2. Images -Freepik
  3. Plagiarism- plagiarism checker
  4. Finding deadlink- Deadlink checker
  5. Photo editing — Canva

In April, we were looking for an application that can provide easy data visualisation without any training process to the organisation’s employees. We decided to explore Tableau for this purpose.

After exploring, we came to know that Tableau does not solve the issue.

Then we did the proper research and thought to create a simple employee-centric python based application that will be easy for the organisation members to understand and use regularly.

In May, we study about python and python frameworks.

We followed the waterfall model and agile model for python applications, which has certain steps like understanding client requirements, system design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Finally, we created a prototype of the application.

Journey at 7med helped me to explore new heights, and every day was a new learning day. I thank my mentor, who became our backbone and always tried to push our limits.





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Abhishek reddy

Abhishek reddy

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